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44th President Barack Obama

I am endorsing Lee Snodgrass for state Senate because I know she has the organization, leadership skills, and knowledge to win this election, as well as to be an effective legislator. I know Lee will put the people of her district before special interest groups. For this reason as a mother, resident of Wisconsin, and Legislator I am endorsing Lee Snodgrass for Senate.-Representative Amanda Stuck, Assembly District 57

Wisconsin is lucky to have a woman of Lee’s caliber determined to serve us in the state Senate. She knows us, knows her district, how our communities come together and how state government can better support our success. She values the region’s historical industrial past and has a vision for building a strong, inclusive economy. This is a roll-up-your-sleeves, get-off-the-sidelines kind of woman. It is her fine intellect and good humor, not hubris, and her deep understanding that politics should be a game of addition that means she will get things done. I’m excited and honored to endorse her.-Former Lt. Governor, Barbara Lawton

I’ve met a lot of first-time candidates who seek to represent their neighbors by running for elected office, but none were better prepared to serve than Lee Snodgrass.  Lee not only understands the everyday challenges that so many Wisconsin parents and working people are living with…an understanding that will make her an effective State Senator, she also has the talent, skills, and drive to run a successful political campaign. I had heard about Lee’s intelligence, energy, and empathy, but was never-the-less blown away when meeting her for the first time.  I am pleased to endorse Lee Snodgrass for State Senator.  The voters of the 19th District have an opportunity to be served by a truly outstanding Senator by electing Lee Snodgrass.  – Mark Miller, State Senator, 16th Senate District

I am very excited to announce my endorsement of Lee Snodgrass. Lee has the passion, experience and spirit of collaboration that we need in the State Senate. I can’t wait to have Lee join me in the senate. – Senator Patty Schachtner, Senate District 10

I am endorsing Lee Snodgrass for Wisconsin State Senate because she is an outstanding leader in the Democratic Party. Ms. Snodgrass has worked tirelessly at the grassroots and local level to create a rich seedbed for growth and progress. Her commitment to educating and empowering voters has led to a strong resurgence of political activism and involvement in my area. She is a great collaborator and demonstrates a strong ability to build an effective team. I feel very confident that the Wisconsin State Senate will be a more efficient and responsible unit with the addition of Lee Snodgrass, and I am looking forward to seeing our legislative processes more accurately aligned with our commonly held values.- Rachel Raasch, Alderperson, Appleton Common Council

Lee demonstrates passion and commitment in every interaction. The Wisconsin State Senate needs individuals that care about constituents’ needs, and Lee would consistently amplify these views while in office. I’ve witnessed her ability to listen and thoughtfully respond to the needs of others, and she is always a positive community influence. She is uniquely skilled in connecting with others across demographics. I am elated to endorse Lee Snodgrass for the Wisconsin State Senate race, and I am confident that she will thrive in the position.-Cecelia McDermott, Immediate Past President Appleton North Democratic Club

I am excited to endorse Lee Snodgrass for State Senate. I have known Lee for almost a decade, during which time I have watched her work tirelessly, passionately, and ethically in her community – locally, regionally, and beyond. She is keenly aware of what it will take to be an effective elected official and has a record of putting those skills to work in community organizing, nonprofit work, and local party leadership.Lee is a fighter, a mentor, and a leader. When I think about the kind of people who we need to send to Madison, it is hard for me to think of a box that Lee’s candidacy does not check. A true progressive, she will stand on the front line for women, racial and ethnic minorities, senior citizens, the LGBTQ community, children and families (ALL of them), persons with disabilities, the environment, educators and other public employees. Lee will not turn her back or leave behind anyone who needs her, and she knows how to work across divisions to get results.-David Mettille City Councilor – Ashland, Wisconsin Vice Chair – Wisconsin Seventh Congressional District Democrats Founder – Appleton’s Fair and Inclusive Residents (AFAIR)

Community Leaders & Activists

“I proudly stand with Lee in her venture to become a WI State Senator. Her tenacious drive and her depth of knowledge on the issues makes her a formidable candidate. Lee also cares about an issue that is near and dear to my heart. She cares about doing whatever it takes to reduce gun violence; something that plagues our country and our state. With Lee as a State Senator, WI would have another champion who would fight for gun violence prevention and who would work to honor those of us who have had a loved one shot and killed or injured.”-Khary Penebaker, Prior 5th Congressional District Candidate and Organizer

I proudly endorse Lee Snodgrass in her campaign for State Senate from District 19. I admire and support her positions on healthcare, public education, the environment, gun safety, support for working families, and women’s health. Lee approaches her political work with passion and positivity, working hard to connect with Wisconsin citizens. She is an outstanding communicator and I’m confident that she will serve the people of District 19 with integrity. I worked with Lee as when I was a member of the Board of Directors of the Girl Scouts for the Northwestern Great Lakes and observed the outstanding way she communicated the Girl Scout message. Lee will bring energy and good ideas to the State Senate and I’m pleased to offer my wholehearted support.- Susan H. McFadden, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Volunteer, Fox Valley Memory Project

I strongly support the candidacy of Lee Snodgrass for the District 19 State Senate seat. Lee is informed, articulate, and passionate about supporting working families, quality healthcare for all, and preserving the natural resources so critical to our quality of life. She is committed to remaining personally connected to the citizens she seeks to serve, hearing their concerns so that she can represent them well. It also matters to me that Lee is a woman, because we have ample evidence that women in legislative office bring greater empathy for protecting the interests of children and other vulnerable persons, and a willingness to work across party lines to do so. Lee has my wholehearted support!– John T. McFadden, Retired Minister

I am writing to endorse Lee Snodgrass for State Senate. Lee is running a people-centric campaign with a focus on making Wisconsin a great place to live, learn,  play and raise a family. Her values and care for people align with mine.  Do us all a favor and vote for Lee.- Bob Pederson, retired CEO and president of Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin

Business & Industry

As an owner of Wisconsin manufacturing business, I am supporting Lee Snodgrass for State Senate.  I have been incredibly frustrated by our current leadership and the lack of progress our state has made in job growth, infrastructure improvements, and Urban and Rural planning.  We are falling behind our neighboring Midwest states.  This needs to change.  I have known Lee for 16 years.  She is both passionate and pragmatic in her work ethic.  Lee’s a progressive, and will demand nothing short of “progress” from fellow leaders at the Capitol.  For business to compete in our state, we need good schools, thriving towns and cities, as well as values and an infrastructure that will allow us to connect and prosper together.  Lee will represent the diverse people and needs of our state and has the innovative and growth oriented mindset we need to right our path.- Robin Janson, Owner, Urban Evolutions


I’ve known Lee for many years and know that she is a tireless advocate for issues facing women, LGBTQ families, educators, and everyone struggling to do what’s right in a difficult and complex world. She is a woman of action and a born leader and she isn’t one to give up, even when the going gets tough. I support Lee’s candidacy because I know she will be a much needed voice for justice and will work for those of us in her district with the integrity and courage she brings to all aspects of her life. –Karen Park, Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, St. Norbert College.

I teach college and my wife and I have two kids in public school, so I’m an education voter. I’m also a health care voter, a gun-sense voter, and an environmental voter. I support Lee for State Senate because she holds the same values my family and I do – affordable health care, thriving public schools, common-sense gun reform, and protection for our natural resources. She’s a tireless advocate for northeast Wisconsin, and I’m looking forward to being represented in Madison by a strong, smart woman like Lee. Jason Brozek, PhD, Appleton Educator

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